Our Mission


Our theme for Waterford Comhairle na nÓg 2020 was Climate Change, so we were going to do a project to help with the prevntion of the climate emergency. We held many meetings with our whole group pre-pandemic, in person and during the pandemic online. Many ideas were thrown around but a few of our members got together and brought back the concept of an app that would help people reduce their impact on the environment and actually make a difference in their own community. This idea was a huge and immediate success with everyone and just as soon, we all began working on and building this amazing project "Communitree" that we are all very excited and passionate about.


We Care

The “CommuniTree” is an application meant for environmental education and environmental care. Our missions is to raise awareness on what is happening with our eco system both locally and internationally while also getting users engaged. 


We Educate

With the help of daily challenges and tasks we will help people learn tips and tricks to better be enviormentally aware in their everyday life and in doing so we will reduce the harm put on our planet. Our news page also provides frequently updated stories about climate news around the world. 


We Act

As well as our users partaking in the daily challenges , every user of the “CommuniTree” application will have us turning their virtual trees into real ones which we will plant! This will not only motivate people to join the challenges but also result in a greener Ireland.